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Haslam Law Firm really went the extra mile for our company when we needed them. He is an excellent attorney that fights for you in the courtroom and out! Tyler is also in the armed forces which is an added bonus. Thank you for your service for our business and our country!

- Heather, April 2019

Tyler has, for as long as we've had professional interactions, demonstrated that not only does he take on his client's cases, but that no matter the odds, he applies himself and all his great knowledge of the law to help you win! You're a lifesaver Tyler!

- Steve, March 2019

Tyler assisted me when I was falsely accused of a serious crime and facing months of jail time. The judge dismissed all charges as soon as the state rested their case. Great attorney.

- Jason, September 2018

I was referred to Mr. Haslam when an unexpected legal matter came up. He was friendly, competent and thorough, explaining both the good and bad possible outcomes. He showed concern about me and that meant a lot to me. He made me feel that I was just not another client. He was able to negotiate a favorable outcome for me. I would not hesitate to hire him again if I needed an attorney.

- Bill, August 2018

Tyler was quick to get down to business but also laidback and kept things straight when explaining everything to us. It was always so easy to get in touch with him whether be by phone or needing to meet with him. I would refer Tyler to anyone seeking legal advice. He has done a great job from the first meeting with him to walking out of the courthouse after winning the case.

- Tia, August 2018

Very Knowledgeable and very respectful attorney! Great to work with! Handled everything I asked of him quickly and very professionally!

- Anonymous, August 2018

From consultation through the entire legal process, Tyler was always easily accessible and took his time to make sure I understood and was comfortable with everything, making sure to answer any questions I had. Tyler was fantastic to work with. I really felt like he always had my best interest in mind.

- Anonymous, June 2018

Tyler represented me in some exceedingly complex business litigation.

I'm a tough client, probably because I'm a lawyer (retired now). Tyler was always prepared, well above the call of duty, on time, returned phone calls, very impressive guy.

Beyond that, he came up with some unique strategies (can't say them here sorry) that got us around some real obstacles... He is a very good writer (something I was never great at)...

Without saying the outcome I can say we didn't lose either.

Very happy with him, would hire him again in a second.

Best luck with your future case.

- Anonymous, June 2018

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