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Yes, You Really Do Need a Will.

The Top 3 reasons you need to think about your estate plan now.

Don't leave your family without a plan.

Nobody likes to think about death, but it is inevitable and happens to everybody eventually. Therefore, it is something that you should plan for now so you don't leave your family wondering later. Continue reading below to find out the three reasons you should make an estate plan.

Reason #1: You aren't promised tomorrow.

How many of us have been shocked at the sudden loss of a friend or family member? How many of those friends or family members didn't have an estate plan and left their relatives wondering about their last wishes? Don't add stress to your spouse or children during an already emotional time. Give them a plan to follow that will make their transition to life without you easier.

Reason #2: An estate plan gives you control.

In the absence of a will, state statutes decide how your estate will be administered. If you plan ahead, you can make decisions as to who gets what assets that you own, who will take care of your children, and who will handle your affairs.

Reason #3: Save time and money.

Having an estate plan can save you time and money by shortening the probate process. A will speeds up the probate process by letting the court know how you'd like your assets divided. It can also save money by directing the disposition of assets and giving guidance where there might otherwise be lengthy legal battles over your estate.

There is no reason to hesitate in setting up your estate plan. Contact Haslam Law Firm LLC today for a free consultation to determine how best to serve your family.

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