Refer Your Cases to Us

We're always on the lookout for new cases and opportunities that we might not otherwise hear about.  Being on the Ohio/West Virginia border and licensed in two states means that we are often approached about taking cases in one jurisdiction or the other.  When a client needs help with something you normally don't or can't handle, send their name and contact information to and we’ll handle the rest. You’ll be linked to the matter as the referral source in our CRM and practice management software systems.  If we take the case, we're willing to share part of any verdict or settlement with you, where we are allowed to do so.

Why should you refer cases to us?

  • You will make the client happy by sending them to us. Your client came to you for help and we're happy to provide assistance when you can't.  The client already trusts you and your guidance, allow us to build off of that and make you look better.  The client also doesn't have to deal with the day-to-day stress of handling their claim.  For example, in a  personal injury action, the client can stop dealing with the insurance adjusters and have us do that on their behalf.

  • It’s free money for you! We typically pay a percentage of recovery to the referring attorney. We will keep you updated with regular updates and send you a referral check as soon as we settle the case or get a verdict, to the extent we are permitted to do so under the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Most of our cases are attorney referrals. Other lawyers refer cases to us because they know we are aggressive and fight like hell for top dollar in every case--whether it's a death or catastrophic injury, breach of contract, or even a custody dispute.

Our referral partners trust us to make them look good because:

  • We communicate with the client promptly and set realistic expectations early. Tyler is known for being both courteous and blunt. Tyler will bend over backwards to help smooth a client's fears, but he'll also give his honest opinion on a case (even when it isn't necessarily wanted).  We also use Acuity Scheduling so clients can schedule calls or meetings online and avoid phone tag. Click on that box in the top right to see it.

  • We communicate with our referral partners. Our practice management system links referring lawyers to cases, so we never forget about you, and every month we send you an email updating you about the status of the case. (We also do this for clients so they don't feel forgotten during lulls in the case).

  • We're super efficient. We use lots of technology and systems to work fast and avoid delays.  Tyler is both a gadget nerd and he's infatuated with refining systems and processes to make things easier and faster.  In his eyes, efficiency is lethality.

  • We care about protecting the client's money.  Our reputation for great results and happy clients means that we aren't short on work.  Therefore, we've created systems to move faster and work with less overhead than other firms.  The end result is savings that are passed on to the client.  For example, we routinely request medical records using via the HITECH Act instead of HIPPA, saving the client hundreds or thousands of dollars in medical records expenses. We always negotiate lien and subrogation interests down. We don't charge bullshit fees to the client for routine postage or copies.

  • We issue prompt payment. When we settle the case or obtain a verdict, we pay you the referral fee with a settlement statement immediately.

  • Tyler doesn't care to fight, and sometime he even likes it. Being told no usually means he will work that much harder.  Whether it's being an undersized college football player or taking a break from practicing law to serve in the 75th Ranger Regiment, Tyler likes uncommon challenges and pushing the limit.  From day one, each case is prepared as if it is going to trial next week because, time and again, we've seen that pay dividends for the client.


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